Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Creating Graphics for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Essential considerations for graphics in crowdfunding campaigns, ensuring visual impact and effective communication to maximize campaign success.

Tom Wu

July 5, 2023

Design plays a crucial role in the success of any crowdfunding campaign. It contributes to the overall perception of your product or company. Effective design enhances your credibility, while poor design can hinder your campaign's chances of success.When designing your campaign, Strategic engagement is vital to captivate and satisfy your audience effectively.. This applies to all stages of the campaign, from pre-launch to delivery. Maintaining a consistent brand identity across all platforms leaves a lasting impression on your backers.

To ensure a compelling crowdfunding campaign, you will require various graphics and designs. Similar to any business endeavor, you need brand assets such as logos, renderings, and photos. These assets should be prioritized. Once your foundational assets are finalized, you can proceed with the design work.Additionally, you will need Kicktraq banner ads (for Kickstarter projects), infographics, email headers, and website graphics to keep your backers and potential backers updated on the project's progress. Most importantly, you should design graphics for your campaign page.

Graphics are instrumental in designing a cohesive crowdfunding campaign page. Successful projects consistently incorporate appealing graphics that breathe life into their projects and create informative and captivating campaign pages.

What graphics should you include on your campaign page? 

Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images are a key component of a successful campaign presentation and can significantly impact its outcome. By placing the product in relatable contexts, lifestyle images enable it to shine. However, maintaining a careful balance is crucial. The product should always be the primary focus in these images. If the environment overshadows the product, it may have a detrimental effect on your project. The goal is to provide potential backers with a clear understanding of how the product can be used in real-life scenarios. Therefore, when conducting a photoshoot, ensure that your product remains the center of attention throughout.


Many campaigns tackle significant health or technological challenges with their products. However, describing all the features in lengthy paragraphs can be overwhelming for viewers, who may not have the patience to read through it all. In such cases, infographics can be incredibly valuable. They provide a visually appealing format that presents your problem-solving solution in a concise and easily digestible manner. By utilizing infographics, you can effectively convey complex information in a visually pleasing and reader-friendly format.


Including delivery timelines is essential for every crowdfunding campaign as it provides backers with a clear understanding of the fulfillment process. To enhance the comprehensibility of the timelines, consider incorporating an infographic or a timeline image structure. These visual elements add an appealing visual aspect to your overall campaign presentation, making it easier for backers to grasp the information. By utilizing infographics or timeline images, you can effectively communicate the delivery schedule in a visually engaging and easily understandable format.


There is no fixed number of graphics you should aim for on your campaign page, but it is recommended to have at least one graphic or image for each section. Ensure that you include high-quality images that effectively tell your story since visually appealing content tends to resonate better with people.

One important aspect of storytelling is using graphics to present your rewards. Create a chart or grid that includes the reward title, a brief description, the number of backers eligible for the reward (unlimited, limit: 500, etc.), an image representing each reward, and its price. Display both the discounted crowdfunding price and the future price after the campaign ends, if available.

In addition to graphics and designs, incorporate high-quality product shots and lifestyle photos. Utilize professional-grade photography to provide backers with a real-world perspective of your product. Use these photos throughout the page to narrate your product's story, ensuring that your project stands out amidst the busy backdrop of a campaign page.

Graphics can only do well for your campaign if you present them in a well-balanced way with the right amount of text. With either too many of the above types or too few, you can make your campaign look confusing and complicated