How to Plan Your Crowdfunding Rewards

Six expert tips for structuring your crowdfunding rewards and setting the base for success.

Cosma Zhang

June 6, 2023

In Kickstarter and Indiegogo, creators present rewards or products to individuals in return for financial contributions that will be utilized to materialize their projects. The rewards you propose and their corresponding prices are crucial in attracting or discouraging potential backers. We've compiled five tips for optimizing your crowdfunding rewards to help you create a compelling rewards system that maximizes your campaign's potential.

Simplify the Structure

When it comes to structuring your rewards, simplicity is key. It's tempting to offer complex bundle packs and numerous accessories, but our experience shows that creators rarely find success with overly complicated reward structures. Instead, focus on presenting clear and concise reward options that are easy for potential backers to understand. Avoid overwhelming them with too many choices, as this can lead to decision paralysis and deter support for your campaign.

Offer Unique and Desirable Choices

To stand out in a sea of crowdfunding campaigns, you must offer rewards that are unique and desirable. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential backers and think about what would motivate them to contribute to your project. Consider exclusive merchandise, limited editions, early access, or personalized experiences that align with your project's theme. The more enticing and exclusive your rewards are, the more likely backers will be to pledge their support.

Create Tiers or Levels

Organizing your rewards into tiers or levels is an effective way to appeal to backers with different budgets and motivations. By offering a range of options, you can accommodate individuals who may want to contribute at different levels. Consider creating multiple tiers with escalating benefits, allowing backers to choose the level that best suits their interests and financial capacity. This strategy not only increases the likelihood of attracting backers but also encourages them to contribute more.

Early Bird Specials

One effective tier you can incorporate is an early bird special. This provides a limited-time offer or discount to the first set of backers, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Early bird specials not only reward early supporters but also generate momentum and excitement at the start of your campaign.

  • Super Early Birds: These are the lowest-priced rewards, typically available for the first 48 hours. Some creators extend this tier for a longer duration.
  • Early Birds: Once the Super Early Birds phase ends, open up this reward tier for the remainder of the campaign.

Stretch Goals

Another way to maximize your crowdfunding rewards is by introducing stretch goals. These are additional milestones or achievements that, when reached, unlock new rewards or enhanced versions of existing ones. Stretch goals incentivize backers to share your campaign and encourage their network to contribute, as everyone benefits from reaching the stretch goals.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

While crowdfunding can be an excellent way to cover production costs, it's essential to remain realistic about your campaign's financial goals. Crowdfunding campaigns are not a guaranteed path to massive profits. Set practical goals and align your rewards accordingly. Ensure transparency with your backers by clearly communicating how pricing relates to production costs.

Crowdfunding backers are savvy and will quickly identify if your product is overpriced. Find the right balance between covering your production expenses and providing attractive rewards to backers. Consider starting your campaign with a lower price point for the first 48 hours, even if it means taking a temporary loss. However, be sure to have a solid financial plan in place to recoup these costs later in the campaign.

Account for Shipping and Quantity Limits

Shipping costs can significantly impact backers' decision-making, so it's crucial to consider your shipping strategy carefully. High shipping costs can discourage potential backers, particularly for international shipping. If international costs are prohibitively high, focus on domestic shipping initially and explore more affordable international options once the campaign concludes.

To create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, implement quantity limits on certain rewards. This strategy encourages backers to act quickly and helps you manage inventory effectively.

Enhance Your Rewards with Add-ons

Add-ons are an effective way to generate additional revenue for your campaign. They enable backers to purchase accessories or additional products alongside their central pledge. By offering add-ons, you can keep your reward tiers streamlined while providing backers with a range of options to enhance their experience.

Utilize add-ons strategically to increase the value of your rewards and give backers more choices. This flexibility allows you to cater to diverse preferences without complicating your reward structure. Through a user-friendly back survey system, PledgeBox has helped creators generate over $40 million in additional upsell profits.


Optimizing your crowdfunding rewards is crucial for a successful campaign. By simplifying your reward structure, planning strategically, setting realistic expectations, addressing shipping concerns, and incorporating add-ons, you can create an enticing rewards system that maximizes support for your project. Remember, a well-structured and enticing rewards program can make all the difference in capturing the attention and support of potential backers.