How to Pick the Perfect Timing for Unveiling Your Kickstarter Project

Tips for picking the right time and some insights for how to maximize your chance of success.

Cosma Zhang

November 1, 2023

Launching a Kickstarter campaign is a thrilling adventure that turns your creative dreams into reality. In this article, we'll delve into the all-important question of when to announce your Kickstarter project. Timing is your secret weapon, and understanding the game-changing factors involved can make your campaign a smash hit.

Pre-launch and Timing

The pre-launch phase is like crafting a recipe for success. Imagine you're in the culinary world, and your ingredients include a pinch of a realistic funding goal, a dollop of enticing rewards, and a generous helping of a compelling story. Mix it all together, and you've got the recipe for a fantastic project page. The better you prepare here, the smoother your project's announcement will taste.

To select the right moment for your project's grand entrance, you've got to consider various factors. Is your project a seasonal superstar, destined to shine during a specific time of the year? And watch out for the lurking party crasher – are there any holidays or events that might overshadow your project's debut?

Key Factors to Weigh

To pinpoint the ideal timing for your Kickstarter project announcement, let's explore the factors at play.


Think of market research as your magical crystal ball. Peer into it to understand your audience and the prevailing trends. When are your potential backers most likely to be online and buzzing with excitement? It's like knowing when the circus is in town and making sure your trapeze act wows the audience.


Competitive analysis is like being a detective in a thrilling mystery novel. Dive into the pages of your competition's schedules. Are there any gaps in their plots? Can you be the unexpected twist in the tale? Filling those gaps with your project announcement can make you the star of the story.

Pre-launch Boosting

Social Media Spectacle

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are your magic wands. Cast your spells by teasing your project. Create content that's as captivating as a magic show. Keep your audience spellbound with a countdown campaign, revealing sneak peeks or backstage secrets. The more excitement you generate before the big reveal, the more magical your project launch will be.

Teaser Video Wizardry

Craft a mesmerizing teaser video that leaves your audience bewitched. Highlight the enchanting aspects of your project, giving them a taste of the magic to come. This video can be your magic potion to captivate your audience and make them eager to share your enchanting project.

Utilize the Golden Moment 

Weekdays are like prime-time TV, and your audience is tuned in. But weekends have a laid-back charm, perfect for leisure and hobbies. Dive into the spellbook of your market research and audience's habits to make the right call.


Announcing your Kickstarter project is like a grand finale in your magician's act. With timing as your magical wand, and audience understanding as your spellbook, you can pull off a spectacular show that leaves everyone in awe.