How to Maximize Holiday Opportunities in Crowdfunding Campaign

Complete guide on how to maximize your crowdfunding campaign during the holiday season. Attract more backers and stand out amidst the holiday rush.

Cosma Zhang

June 16, 2023

Are you an entrepreneur or innovator looking to fund your next big idea? With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to capitalize on the festive spirit and launch a crowdfunding campaign. Here we will guide you through the process of planning and executing a successful crowdfunding campaign that stands out amidst the holiday rush. 

Why Launch During the Holidays?

  • Increased Consumer Spending

The holiday season is synonymous with shopping and increased consumer spending. People are actively looking for unique and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. By positioning your crowdfunding campaign as a solution to a problem or a gift idea, you can attract potential backers who are already in a buying mindset.

  • Less Competition

While the holiday season is a busy time for retail and e-commerce, it is relatively less crowded when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. Many entrepreneurs and creators hesitate to launch campaigns during this period due to the perceived distraction and competition. However, by strategically planning your campaign and standing out from the crowd, you can capture the attention of backers who are actively looking for new and exciting projects to support.

Get Started with These 3 Actions

So you're persuaded that you need to commence...excellent! The positive news is that if you already possess a functional prototype, the remaining steps can be executed swiftly. Crowdfunding projects typically have a delivery cycle of around five months. If you're planning to launch your project in June, it means you'll likely start delivering rewards around November or even December. So, get a head start and prepare for it right away!

1. Creating Visual Materials

Visual elements are crucial prerequisites for your campaign. How will you persuade supporters to back you if they cannot VISUALLY perceive your product? If you're creating these materials yourself, ensure you collect stand-alone shots of the product against a white background, in addition to a diverse range of lifestyle images. It is advisable to capture the majority of images in a horizontal orientation, but you can employ various shots for advertising purposes and on the webpage itself.

Regarding the video, you should provide a clear description of your product and showcase its functionality. Captivate potential backers from the outset and keep the video concise. This presents an opportunity to establish a connection with backers and compel them to support your project.

2. Utilizing Creative Messaging 

Do you possess a brand guideline? Ponder the vocabulary you wish to employ in describing your product. Avoid using "unique" as one of your descriptors. Truly unique ideas are exceedingly rare, so endeavor to elucidate how your product innovatively builds upon familiar concepts. Identify taglines that will resonate with individuals as they deliberate whether or not to back your campaign.

Equally important is understanding the words you should avoid. Consider phrases that might confuse backers and strive for clarity in your messaging.

3. Constructing Your Page 

Once you have determined your messaging and gathered the necessary images to support it, it is time to construct the webpage. Here, you will weave a narrative that allows backers to envision how your product can enhance their lives.

Create compelling graphics, charts, and GIFs to illustrate the features of your product and its practical applications. Ensure that all elements on the page are easily understandable and digestible for the viewers.