How To Launch Your Kickstarter Campaign

You will know how to choose the best time to launch your Kickstarter campaign.

Miya Wu

August 11, 2021

How To Launch Your Kickstarter Campaign?

Your Kickstarter campaign does not automatically go online for backers to contribute after it has been approved by the Kickstarter ------ you have to launch it.

There is a chance for you to review your project before it goes live and is available to potential backers. This is your last chance to adjust your campaign duration and the dates for your Kickstarter fundraising window.

Before you formally start the clock on your campaign by launching it, there are a few things you need to consider:
Are you seeking to have your campaign end on a particular milestone date?

If this is the case, look at your duration and count out the days to find your desired finish date and time. Make sure your duration and launch date allow you to reach the milestone end date.

Do you need to prevent scheduling conflicts with holidays?

As your fundraising campaign draws to a conclusion, you may want to remind existing and potential backers of this.

If your campaign ends near to Thanksgiving or Christmas, when many people are busy preparing for their holiday celebrations, or if your campaign ends around national holidays, such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July in the United States, when people often take time off to reunion and be with their friends and families, you'll have some difficulties to grab your desired fans’ attention.

If your campaign's end date or a significant portion of your fundraising time coincides with a major holiday, consider moving your campaign's start date to avoid the potential conflict, unless your campaign is designed to be related to a major holiday where people may naturally be searching for things relevant to that topic.

Are you planning to hold your event during a major industry event or festival?

If you believe your product has a huge potential audience and you plan on attending that event or industry meeting, this could be a worthwhile choice.

On the other hand, if you're not attending or joining in a major industry event, it would be best to avoid launching your campaign at those sessions because everyone else will be focused on the event.

Let’s say if you're a tiny comic book publisher and you are not going to attend Comic-Con in San Diego, while you may find it difficult to get the media's attention around those days because they will be covering the industry's major annual event.

Based on the length of your funding, decide when you want your project to go live. You can start on the same day if the ending date appears to be reasonable. If so, consider delaying the expiration date until it aligns with a milestone you've set for your campaign.

Kickstarter will send you an email letting you know that your campaign is ready to go live. To begin your campaign, go to your project dashboard by clicking the link provided in your acceptance email message. A new green Launch button will appear there. To process, click it. You will be ready to start spreading the word once your campaign is live.
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