How to get a Kickstarter Newsletter

Kickstarter Newsletter can make another good story to promote your brand.

Tuson Ong

December 21, 2021

Thousands of creative projects are coming to life on Kickstarter every day. Kickstarter has the newsletter notification setting for each of the backers, and backers can subscribe to the picked list as they like.

If your campaign can be listed in one of the newsletter, you`ll get additional exposure and lead more organic traffic to your campaign page.

To get the opportunity to be listed, there are couple of things you need to prepare.

1. Have a Great Story

By doing so, your campaign will get the chance to have the “project we love” banner. Getting your project featured as one of the “Projects We Love” on Kickstarter could directly lead to a successful campaign. 

But it is a challenge. According to Kickstarter, “At any time there are thousands of projects live on Kickstarter, and our team is constantly keeping an eye on new launches for those that really stand out. There are many factors that we take into consideration before featuring a project on the homepage or giving it a Project We Love badge.

Along with a great product you are offering, a creative campaign page is one of the top qualities that Kickstarter looks for and the video and page design is the key.

The better it is, the more chances you have to get the “project We love” badge. Most (if not all) of campaigns featured in the Kickstarter newsletter are with the badge. 

2. Contact Kickstarter Staff

This next strategy is recommended by Kickstarter. If you have a project that you think Kickstarter would like to feature, then email them at You can also tag them on Twitter or Instagram.

Keep in mind that Kickstarter is requesting good stories to feature for their staff picks and the newsletter, not just the physical products. So, if you submit your campaign to them then make sure you include a good story not just a link to your product.

Getting on the Kickstarter newsletter is not easy, even without a promise to push up the funding result. However, it is a great prove that your campaign has the endorsement of Kickstarter platform, and it can make another good story to promote your brand. 

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