How Can Kickstarter Creators Ignite Viral Buzz?

Let the narrative around your project grow from whispers to a crescendo of communal buzz.

Cosma Zhang

November 29, 2023

Word of mouth (WOM) is the holy grail of marketing—elusive yet immensely powerful. For Kickstarter creators, eliciting this natural and persuasive form of marketing can seem daunting. Can one genuinely inspire such authentic conversation? Let’s explore the subtle arts of sparking the conversations that turn heads and open wallets.

The Talk Trigger

Consistency is comforting, but it's the unexpected that gets people talking. Identify and flaunt a talk trigger: a distinct aspect so ingrained in your brand that it naturally scales with your outreach. Whether you’re offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse or an unparalleled customer experience, make it so striking that it becomes a conversation piece in its own right.

Fanfare for the Fans

Engagement is a two-way street. Channels like Kickstarter thrive on communal enthusiasm, so when fans take the initiative—be ready to spotlight them. An inventive fan’s custom artwork or a backer meetup can ignite communal passion. Monitor these ripples in the fan pond and be the stone that causes them.

The Precision of Targeting

Contrary to casting a wide net, precision targeting can yield more fruitful results. Guide your backers on how to share your project. Suggest sharing it with niche hobby groups or circles interested in the project ethos, rather than a general audience, to foster more meaningful engagement.

Occasions & Offers

Capitalize on the power of gifting by incorporating special offers in your campaigns. Suggest your product as the perfect gift for an upcoming event with a time-sensitive discount code. Not only does this encourage purchases, but it also seeds the potential for new word of mouth vectors.

The Gift of Choice

Gift-giving is a bonding act, but ensuring the recipient’s satisfaction can be fraught with uncertainty. A no-risk gift option on your Kickstarter or online store adds immense value. Offer an exchange option—letting the gift receiver pick something they love just as much—turns a pleasant surprise into active engagement.


While it's true that word of mouth can emerge organically, as a Kickstarter creator, you're not entirely at its mercy. By leveraging these strategies, you can create a resonance around your product that encourages conversation and strengthens the community pillars of your campaign. Remember, even the subtlest influence can sway the currents of dialogue in your favor.

Engage in the strategic game of cultivating these conversations and watch as the narrative around your project grows from whispers to a crescendo of communal buzz.