Exploring PledgeBox: A Comprehensive Comparison with Gamefound

Pledgebox vs. Gamefound: A Comprehensive Comparison, Unveiled!

Tom Wu

June 21, 2023

Crowdfunding platforms have transformed the way creators bring their ideas to life and engage with their audience. Two prominent platforms in this space are PledgeBox and Gamefound. In this article, we will explore the advantages of PledgeBox over Gamefound, with a specific focus on fee, platform and business. Understanding these differences can help creators make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable crowdfunding platform for their projects.


PledgeBox stands out with its attractive and transparent fee structure, offering creators a cost-effective solution compared to Gamefound. PledgeBox charges no upfront fee, allowing creators to launch their campaigns without any initial financial burden. Instead, PledgeBox only charges a modest 3% fee on upsells; if a creator is not going to use its upsell function, then this platform is totally free to him, thus ensuring that creators retain a larger portion of the funds raised to invest in project development. This transparent and straightforward approach enables creators to maximize the impact of each pledge while minimizing costs.

On the other hand, Gamefound employs a more complex fee structure, taking 5% of each successfully collected payment and a fixed payment processing fee of 3% + 0,2 per transaction in project currency, which means not just upsell, but all the payment that goes through it will be changed the commission. It can be less appealing for those looking for simplicity and cost-efficiency. PledgeBox's no upfront fee and minimal 3% upsell fee provide a distinct advantage, allowing creators to focus on their projects and optimize their financial resources.


PledgeBox and Gamefound both offer unique platform features that cater to different needs and preferences.

PledgeBox prioritizes a user-friendly interface and an intuitive campaign creation process, ensuring accessibility for both experienced creators and newcomers. The platform provides comprehensive tools for campaign management, enabling creators to efficiently track and communicate with backers, customize pledge levels, and effectively present project updates, suitable for all kinds of campaigns. Its emphasis on ease of use ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both creators and backers alike.

Gamefound is also a crowdfunding platform that places a strong emphasis on catering specifically to the needs of board game creators. With a range of specialized features tailored to this niche, Gamefound offers creators robust tools for showcasing and marketing their board games. This targeted approach provides unique advantages for creators within the board game industry, including built-in localization features, rulebook editors, and pledge manager integrations. But its higher learning curve consumes a considerable amount of time for the user, such as its default currency setting being a bit buggy(with currency conversion), having to download spreadsheets for product counts and order details, etc.

In terms of pledge management, Gamefound relies on manual information importation into the platform, whereas PledgeBox offers the convenience of direct synchronization. What sets PledgeBox apart is its impressive and adaptable functionality, empowering campaign managers with powerful tools to efficiently oversee their projects.

Business focus

PledgeBox's business focus is centred on enhancing the pledge management process for crowdfunding campaigns while offering a range of advantages. They excel in providing campaign managers with an intuitive interface that simplifies tracking pledges, managing rewards, and communicating with backers. PledgeBox is dedicated to saving managers valuable time and effort by offering a variety of convenient tools specifically designed to cater to creators and backers from all areas.

In contrast, Gamefound adopts a broader approach to crowdfunding, catering to a diverse range of tabletop gaming projects that go beyond board games. While they do provide crowdfunding capabilities, their primary focus lies within the board game field. Gamefound offers a comprehensive suite of project management tools and support, with a particular emphasis on post-campaign activities such as project updates, pledge management, and fulfilment. Their platform aims to facilitate ongoing project management and foster a robust ecosystem for creators, ensuring a seamless production process from the crowdfunding stage to the final product delivery.

To summarize, PledgeBox's business focus revolves around streamlining pledge management for various types of crowdfunding campaigns, providing campaign managers with convenient and diverse tools. On the other hand, Gamefound not only offers comprehensive project management support but also serves as a crowdfunding platform with a specific emphasis on board games. Gamefound strives to create a comprehensive ecosystem for tabletop gaming projects, equipping campaign managers with the necessary tools and resources for successful project execution, even beyond the campaign phase. Thus for most creators, whether they are experienced in crowdfunding or not, PledgeBox is still their better choice, not only because of no upfront fee but also because of its user-friendly UI, power tools and lowest upsell fee on the market.

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