Download Center for Fulfillment: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

Download Center for Fulfillment: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

Skylar Lynn

June 4, 2021

As you may already be aware, no matter the scope of your project, one of the main benefits of using a pledge manager is you can ease the shipping and fulfillment management after your campaign ends.
At PledgeBox Download Center, according to your own fulfillment requirements, you can customize the report filters, review the PledgeBox upsell result and analyse the stock up requirements.

Survey Record Export - the Main Export Interface

1. Filter Your Orders 

The default filters are Source, Survey Statues and Dispute, in which you can select where the orders are created from, whether they are ready to be shipped, and exclude the dispute orders. You can also add another filter for more specific results.

2. Use Segment to Record Your Favorite Filter Suit

The main function of a segment is to push fulfillment conviniently. You can view the fulfillment orders under a certain segment name.

3. Download the Survey Record Export 

After you click the download button, you need to answer the questions listed in the pop-up window to process:

  • Confirm to process the downloading; 
  • Choose whether or not you want to lock the orders after the process of download.
    For a locked order, the backer is not able to make any change of the survey from their end. It is recommended to lock orders which are ready to be shipped
  • Two types of reports are available
Report by Products(SKUs) with Product Questions
The report presented a product list with product attributes under each order, the attributes including SKU, variants and customised questions of the product.
Report by Orders(Backers) with Reward Questions
The report presented a backer list with product attributes under each order , including reward name, reward/ add-on/ bundle products sku, customised questions of the reward.

Transactions Export - Pool for PledgeBox Upsell Record

Transaction Export records all upsell transactions occurred within PledgeBox.
You can search by Name, Email, PBID or KSID to find out the list of your desired orders.

Fulfillment Analyst

The Fulfillment Analyst helps you monitor the stocks and fulfillment for different order statues. You can check the count of stocks by product or country view. You can also search a specific product type to check, including reward, add-on and pre-order. The report is downloadable.

Export History
Export history allows you to view your download record. You can also redownload them if needed.
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