Connect with Your Backers: The Human Element in Kickstarter Campaigns

Backers invest in people, not just ideas.

Cosma Zhang

November 28, 2023

Kickstarter has altered the landscape of creative project funding by fostering direct relationships between creators and backers. The formula for success on this platform isn't a mystery, but a blend of professional presentation with a human touch can significantly tip the scales in your favor. Strip away the veneer of formality, and the concept becomes crystal clear: backers invest in people, not just ideas.

Professionality That Inspires Trust

First and foremost, ensuring your Kickstarter campaign is professionally presented is imperative. Well-designed graphics, a coherent layout, and a crisp video can establish immediate trust. This trust is the foundation upon which you will build your relationship with potential backers. It's a non-negotiable aspect that encapsulates the quintessence of your message without uttering a single word.

Humanizing Your Campaign

However, sleek graphics and polished videos aren't the end of the story; they're simply a gateway. The essence of Kickstarter's power lies within its capacity to humanize the fundraising process. Backers need to see the fervor and sincerity behind your eyes—the glint of passion for the project you wish to bring to life.

In the realm of Kickstarter, the emotional connection is pivotal. It's not about inundating your audience with features and benefits; it's about storytelling, sharing your journey, and why your project matters on a personal level. A campaign devoid of this human aspect will likely seem distant and impersonal—reducing the likelihood of your audience championing your cause.

Empathy: The Kickstarter X-Factor

Incorporating empathy into your campaign is like an alchemist turning metal into gold—it adds value. And this isn't hyperbole. A study showed radiologists who had a patient's photo attached to X-rays had an 80% increase in incidental findings, attributed to the empathy stirred by seeing the person behind the case. Similarly, let your backers see you, the creator behind the campaign. Facilitate that connection, and watch how it transforms the investment dynamic.

Visibility that Elicits Support

Aim for a trio of touchpoints where your face—or the faces of your team—should be front and center:

- Your campaign video: the narrative heart of your project.

- Your creator profile: the badge of your identity.

- Your updates: the ongoing conversation.

Putting a face to your project engenders empathy, which in turn fosters support. Backers become advocates when they connect with you on a personal level, compelled to share and promote the project they now emotionally invest in.


In closing, remember that while your Kickstarter campaign certainly needs the polish of professionalism, it ultimately thrives on the heartbeat of humanity. People invest in your story, your dreams, and your aspirations. They seek to be part of a narrative laced with authenticity and passion.

So as you craft your campaign, weave in your narrative with relatable elements that resonate with your potential backers. Turn your project page into a digital handshake—a warm, inviting gesture that says, “Join me on this adventure.” After all, in the vast digital marketplace, a personal touch can make all the difference. Let your genuine spirit be the beacon that guides backers to your vision, ready to contribute not just funding, but also their enthusiasm and belief in your success.