Building Strong Bonds with Your Backers

Be open and stay connected.

Cosma Zhang

January 24, 2024

Backers on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter play a major role, acting as the heartbeat of the whole system. Without a committed crew, navigating the road to crowdfunding victory becomes a big challenge. This piece aims to shine a light on smart ways to create good connections with backers while sidestepping common mistakes that can mess up your crowdfunding adventure.

Talking First for Clear Info

One big mistake creators often make is shutting up when there's no groundbreaking news to spill. But keeping up a steady chat is important to stop backers from guessing or feeling left out. Even if there's no big news, a simple update or a personal story can keep the link alive and build excitement. If you think a Kickstarter update is too formal or just not necessary, answering your backers' questions or having a connection with them in the comment section could be more important. Being open is key, stopping backers from making up their own stories and protecting your brand from possible mix-ups.

Friendly Language

How a message comes across often matters more than the info itself, especially online. Take the time to carefully put messages together, making sure they shine with positivity, politeness, and excitement. Reading messages out loud can help spot unintended vibes, and throwing in emojis, though a bit out of the ordinary in serious talks, adds a personal touch, showing off the creator's personality in the talk.

Realistic Plans

Talking troubles often pop up during delivery times. To avoid problems, it's smart to promise less and deliver more. While making big promises might be tempting, leaving room for unexpected stuff, like natural disasters or hiccups in making things, helps. A realistic timeline not only keeps backers in the loop but also shows you're honest, proving a commitment to being open.

Settling Differences in Private

Public fights on crowdfunding sites can hurt the creator's image. Instead of arguing in public, you should invite upset backers to private chats or emails. Dealing with issues privately keeps the creator's image intact and stops a bad view from spreading. Recognizing the feelings in fights and taking a break before replying is important for keeping things professional and respectful.

Using Kickstarter Live for a Better Bond

Using Kickstarter Live gives creators a way to connect with backers on a more personal level. This tool lets you and your target audience talk face-to-face, letting backers see the creator's body language and trust them more. Beyond just talking, Kickstarter Live makes instant feedback possible, building a sense of community and making sure everyone's on the same page with the campaign's progress.

In Closing

To sum it up, having good talks with Kickstarter backers is vital for the success and lasting power of crowdfunding projects. By using smart and open communication methods, keeping a positive tone, making realistic plans, solving problems in private, and using interactive tools like Kickstarter Live, you can grow strong connections with your backers, setting the stage for more success in the crowdfunding world.

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