5 Tips to Boost Your Crowdfunding Funding by Successful Post-Campaign Upselling

Unlock crowdfunding success with post-campaign upselling. Discover strategies to maximize funding and engage backers effectively.

Cosma Zhang

September 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered how some crowdfunding projects manage to surpass their funding goals and further increase their funding even after their campaign ends? The secret lies in the art of post-campaign upselling. In the competitive world of crowdfunding, securing funding for your project is just the beginning of your journey to success. To truly maximize your crowdfunding potential, it's essential to master the art of post-campaign upselling. In this article, we'll delve into strategies that can take your project to new heights and boost your funding after the campaign has ended.

The Power of Product Design

First and foremost, when it comes to the final sales figures, it's important to consider that besides marketing strategies, your product design plays a pivotal role. Even though post-campaign upselling might seem like a minor trick towards the end of a project, countless successful crowdfunding projects demonstrate that the value of your product is paramount.

Begin by creating a product that resonates with people, showcasing its unique features, and establishing a reasonable and effective pricing structure.

Adding Value with Add-Ons

Post-campaign upselling is all about maximizing the potential of your project further. When it comes to add-on products, some careful considerations are necessary. You can offer accessories or complementary items that enhance your main product's utility. For instance, if your project revolves around an electronic device, consider offering specialized adapters, chargers, carrying cases, or protective covers as add-on options.

Even if you don't have a wide range of add-on products, you can still make the most of it. You can offer backers the opportunity to purchase additional units of your main product in the survey. Offering the last chance to get the rewards at an early bird price during this phase can entice backers to seize the opportunity to buy more, not only for themselves but as gifts for friends and family.

Leveraging Your Brand

If your brand has successfully launched several products on crowdfunding platforms, and your previous project is still fresh in backers' minds, you have a unique advantage. You can include the products from your previous campaign in the list of add-ons for your current project.

This not only reinforces your brand but also capitalizes on the trust your backers have in your products. For example, in one of our previous collaborated projects, their brand specializes in personal care and electronic home appliances. And their last project was a high-tech mouthwash dispenser with outstanding reviews, and their current project is a water flosser, They made a brilliant move by offering the mouthwash dispenser as an add-on at an attractive price and eventually increased their post-campaign sales significantly.

Bundles for Added Value

Another crowd-pleasing approach to add-ons is creating bundles. By selling bundles, backers can purchase a variety of your products at a more affordable price, similar to a family package deal. In the case mentioned earlier, you can offer a bundle that includes the water flosser, the electronic mouthwash dispenser, and essential accessories, all at a discounted price when purchased together. This not only simplifies the shopping experience for backers but also offers them substantial savings.

Post-campaign upselling is a powerful strategy to boost your crowdfunding funding. It's about offering value-added options, leveraging your brand reputation, and creating enticing bundles. By implementing these techniques, you can maximize your project's potential and secure the funding needed for success. And with PledgeBox, you can easily manage them all and do all these flexible survey settings. If you're seeking more insights and guidance as you prepare to launch your first project, we're always happy to further discuss how we can bring such value to your journey even after the campaign concludes.