5 out of 10 most crowdfunded Kickstarter campaigns used PledgeBox for Survey & Upsell

PledgeBox has been chosen as the pledge manager for 5 out of the top 10 campaigns

Tuson Ong

December 20, 2021

Even though the whole market was affected by the pandemic, 2021 has been a great year on Kickstarter.  Besides the game category, the average funding revenue was over $4 Million USD from the top 10 Design & Tech campaigns.

5 out of the top 10 campaigns have chosen PledgeBox as the pledge manager to handle the survey, and upsell more add-ons to the backers after their campaign successfully funded on Kickstarter.

The reason why they choose PledgeBox? There are simply 3 answers:

1. No Upfront Fee

PledgeBox is the only pledge manager software that offers the ZERO upfront fee plan. Yes it is unfair to take money from what you raised on Kickstarter. 

Unlike other pledge managers that charge you by x% of Kickstarter funding or by backer headcount, Pledgebox is free to get started.

2. Great Functions for Upsell

On average over 30% of backers are interested in buying additional products or accessories from the same campaign. PledgeBox leverages popular e-commerce features to encourage the backers to buy more during the survey process.

PledgeBox has contributed over $20M from the upsell through the Kickstarter campaign survey.

3. Intuitive Interface & Easy to Use

Our team members were involved in many Kickstarter campaigns and know what the creators need, and delivered the rich functionality to fulfill the needs.

The Dashboard provides views to help creators prepare the SKUs, packages and track the transaction. 

You can push the finished survey into shipping partners in one click, or download in csv files for further work.

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