4 Things You Need to Know Before Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

4 Things You Need to Know Before Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

Tuson Ong

January 6, 2022

1. Create a smart budget

You’ll have a lot of expenses (both incidental and direct) whenever you sell anything online. This is especially true when it comes to Kickstarter.

These expenses can include:

  • Costs related to developing prototypes of your product
  • Creating a pre-launch website/landing page
  • Photography and image editing
  • Video production and editing
  • Online ads, both before and during the campaign
  • Plus many more that you’ve probably never considered. I know I hadn’t!

Many of these costs are before you hire a crowdfunding agency or a professional to help boost your campaign.

2. Hire a writer

The amount of content you need to generate for your Kickstarter campaign can be staggering.

At a minimum, you will write copy for:

  • Pre-launch website/landing page
  • Emails to backers
  • Your Kickstarter landing page
  • Video copy
  • Ad copy
  • Updates you post on your campaign and/or website
  • Outreach emails to bloggers, the press, and friends and family

3. Get really comfortable with video

Most successful Kickstarter campaigns have compelling videos on their landing pages. But creating a compelling video is not easy.

It all starts with a great script — another reason why you need a skilled writer.

Then there is the production of the video and the countless hours of editing.

4. Master time management

Launching any product online takes a lot of time.

Most Kickstarter campaigns run for 30 days, but that doesn’t include the months of prep work you have to do, or the period of time after the campaign it will take to fulfill the rewards you’re offering.