Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Oct. 25)

Weekly selection of hot projects from kickstarter! Great and Unique Design!


October 15, 2019

#1 Joyscube: Interactive Gaming System with Hybrid Cube Consoles

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A video game system that give you the physical and social interactivity that board games would deliver.

Joyscube is a gaming system that forms unique interaction and brings you the physical and social interactivity that you have never experienced with other electronic gaming platforms.  The interactive touchscreen cubes are communicated wirelessly and have sensors on each of their four sides. The cubes are equipped with somatosensory technology and touch screen. Simply move, tilt, rotate, shake or neighbor the cubes to play the games. The cubes can be used as controllers and the cubes are VR compatible. Joyscube allows you to connect multiple cubes (2 to up to 12 cubes) to play together and share the joy with friends in a multiplayer game. The system comes with five games installed and more games can be downloaded from Joyscube’s official website and explore more fun!

#2 Zip Top®: Reusable Containers Stands-up & stay Open and Zip Shut

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This is a container can meet all your needs! It can be used as food storage, tableware, and portable lunch box.

Zip Top® is a 100% platinum gold silicone eco-friendly container that does not require a lid. It is a food-safety level, and completely safe to be used in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer.  Moreover, you can see a top-opened plate by simply open the zipper, and it is extremely convenient for both picnic and indoors! Zip Top® is super eco-friendly and reusable, 1 Zip Top® can save 5000+ plastic bags. So save your money and save the planet.

#3 MIPOW N2: Unique Cap-Handle Design Sonic Toothbrush

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For Travel & HOme. Brush Your Teeth Anywhere Anytime, Pack Up & Go in One Second.

With a portable design, MIPOW N2 is your first choice for everyday use and travel. You don’t need an extra travel cover with unique cap-handle design, and it also makes MIPOW N2 lightweight and portable.  MIPOW N2 is waterproof and fast charging.  MIPOW N2 can be fully charged in 2-3 hours, and the usage time is up to 120min.  30K+ Sonic high-efficiency motor offers effective tooth cleaning. It is equipped with a base that can be placed upright when used at home. Simple and elegant design, MIPOW N2 is available in 8 colors and equipped with 7 different types of brush heads to meet different oral/dental problems.

#4 FinalHub: The Last Hub You Will Ever Need

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Unique 3-in-1 design for a portable USB-C Docking WorkstatioFinalHub is the only portable workstation that perfectly combines the features of a Thunderbolt 3 USB_C docking hub, a mobile pocket router, and a power bank. It’s designed so you can be safely connected and productive wherever you go.

FinalHub’s onboard Li-Po battery has 12,000 mAh of capacity - giving your MacBook Pro an additional 150% of power or providing up to 48 hours of 4G connectivity. It is also equipped with QC 3.0 and PD 3.0 standards to help fast charge all your mobile devices. With the need for cybersecurity and privacy becoming more important than ever, FinalHub’s built-in security includes firewall, ad, and tracking script blocking, secure DNS, VPN and Tor Client support. The router firmware is 100% open source, based on  OpenWrt, so you know we won’t be tracking your web traffic.

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