Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects (Dec.8)

Weekly Hot Kickstarter Projects Not to Be Missed!

Becky Wu

December 8, 2020

#1 Water Spitir: The Innovative Three-In-One Portable Washer & Dryer

Everybody hates hand washing but we have to do that. It’s time-consuming and makes us exhausted.

Here comes Water Spitir to solve all the problems.
It does ALL for you.
No matter for cleaning the underwear,
Or during your road trip.

You’ll never need hand washing again.

#2 Mobile: A better way to mount your phone.

Brilliant phone mounts that use a slim, secure magnetic locking system. For your car, bike, desk, wallet, photo/video, & more.

#3 Cyclemate-The World’s Most Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion, Incredibly Versatile.

#4  Clean-tech - World’s Most Powerful & Safest UVC Air Purifier

Clean the air you breathe. 3x more powerful & effective air purifier. Medical grade UVC light that's safe to use while in the room.


The bed that transforms into a home gym

#6 Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch - A Wizards Sport Board Game

Pick your team, choose your strategy, and compete in the most exciting arena of all!