How to Increase Revenue with Add-ons for Your Crowdfunding project

Need to increase revenue for your Kickstarter campaign? Add-ons are a great way to boost your profits. With our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and easily create add-ons that will help you reach your fundraising goal.

Lucy Wong

February 16, 2023

As a creator running a Kickstarter campaign, you're always looking for ways to maximize revenue and turn your backers into loyal customers. One strategy that can help you achieve this is by offering add-ons to your backers. These are additional products or services that complement or enhance your main offering and are available at an additional cost. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how to upsell your Kickstarter backers with add-ons.

The tool we are going to use to accomplish this is PledgeBox. 

Identify relevant add-ons

The first step in upselling your backers with add-ons is to identify the products or services that complement your main offering. For example, if you're running a campaign for a board game, you could offer custom playmats or extra game pieces as add-ons. Make sure your add-ons are relevant and desirable to your backers, and that they align with the theme and tone of your campaign.

With PledgeBox’s powerful functionality, you can also set visibility, provide credits in bulk, see shipping profiles, and more. Make sure to play around with those features to discover what best meets your project’s needs.

Once your add-ons are all set, you can preview a survey as backers. This will show you what your customers see when they go to checkout and will appear to your customers right before they go to complete their order. So do your best to catch their attention.

Price your add-ons appropriately

When pricing your add-ons, it's important to strike a balance between affordability and profitability. You want to offer good value to your backers, but you also need to make sure you're covering your costs and generating additional revenue. Consider the cost of production, shipping, and handling, as well as any fees or commissions that Kickstarter may charge.

One of the main costs is the shipping fee, PledgeBox allows you to set the shipping cost for different countries or regions based on the number of items or SKU weight, where USA and Canada can be broken down to state levels.

Present your add-ons in a compelling way

To effectively upsell your backers with add-ons, you need to make them look appealing and desirable. Use high-quality images and descriptive text to showcase the benefits and features of each add-on. You can also use limited-time offers, such as early bird pricing or bundle deals, to create a sense of urgency and encourage backers to make a purchase.

PledgeBox also provides tags to help you recommend popular products. You can place some bundles in the Special Discount section. Besides, a "Featured" tag can be set for recommended products as well, and the PledgeBox system will display a "Best Seller" tag for the top-selling product.

In addition to the above, the functions like custom sorting, product images, and add-on page preview will help you customize an appealing page presentation.

Communicate with your backers

Communication is key when it comes to upselling your backers with add-ons. Make sure you're keeping your backers informed about new add-ons as they become available, and be transparent about pricing and shipping timelines. You can also use social media posts, and Kickstarter updates to promote your add-ons and encourage backers to make a purchase.

In conclusion, offering add-ons is a great way to upsell your Kickstarter backers and generate additional revenue for your campaign. PledgeBox is an excellent tool for managing your Kickstarter campaign, and creating add-ons is just one of the many features it offers. By identifying relevant add-ons, pricing them appropriately, presenting them in a compelling way, communicating with your backers, and making it easy to purchase them, you can maximize your profits and turn your backers into loyal customers.

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