How to Have a Successful Indiegogo Campaign

Essential tips for a successful Indiegogo campaign, from planning to promotion, ensuring crowdfunding success

Tom Wu

June 20, 2023

Throughout history, the concept of pooling resources for the greater good has evolved, and in the modern era, crowdfunding has become a revolutionary force. The advent of the internet has propelled this phenomenon to new heights, with platforms like Indiegogo empowering individuals to bring their ideas to life. However, achieving success on Indiegogo requires strategic planning, a well-executed campaign, and a dedication to hard work. In this article, we will guide you through the exhilarating and challenging journey of launching a successful Indiegogo campaign.

Understanding Indiegogo

Indiegogo, an online crowdfunding platform, has experienced remarkable growth since its inception. Initially catering to independent films, it now embraces a diverse range of creative, entrepreneurial projects in various categories, including Tech & Innovation, Creative Works, and Community Projects. Indiegogo offers a distinct advantage by providing access to a vast community of backers who are eager to support fresh and innovative ventures.

The Indiegogo Campaign Process

Launching a campaign on Indiegogo involves setting up a comprehensive profile and defining your funding goal. Backers contribute to your project in exchange for the incentives that you offer. Crowdfunding liberates you from traditional financing methods, such as loans and investments, and allows you to build your brand while creating a community of like-minded individuals who can propel your success beyond the campaign's conclusion.

Tips for You to Get Started

1.Determining Campaign Duration

While Indiegogo campaigns can extend up to 60 days, it is generally advisable to aim for a duration of 30 to 40 days. Striking the right balance is essential, as a campaign that is too short might not attract sufficient global support, while an overly lengthy campaign may reduce the sense of urgency for potential backers. Careful consideration of promotional strategies during the pre-launch phase is crucial for building momentum and maximizing your chances of reaching the funding goal swiftly.

2. Define Your Campaign Goal and Target Audience

Clearly identify an unmet need and communicate how your product or idea addresses it. Understanding your target audience and demonstrating how your project improves their lives is vital for effective engagement.

3. Offer Appealing Perks

Incentivize backers with creative and relevant perks that align with your project. Limited edition versions, early bird specials, personalized products, and behind-the-scenes experiences are some ideas that can generate excitement and encourage support.

4. Craft a Compelling Campaign Page and Video

Invest time in developing an engaging campaign page and a concise video that effectively conveys your project's value to potential backers. Utilize visually appealing elements to captivate attention and leave a lasting impression such as below:

  • Make short videos for campaigns Indiegogo that will let contributors know about your intentions and goals.
  • Give them a sneak peek of your product, film, project, etc.
  • Use music, make the video clear and concise, and create a first impression.
  • Invite the audience and end the video with a call to action.
  • Put most important information first and tell a compelling story.
  • Explain why you are raising and share details.
  • Break long texts into sections with headings and make sure to proofread.

5. Formulate a Comprehensive Marketing and Promotion Plan

While Indiegogo has a substantial community of backers, organic reach alone may not be sufficient. Implement a diverse range of marketing strategies across various platforms to drive traffic, build awareness, and create a sense of urgency. Consider leveraging services like Kickbooster, Facebook Ads, and Indiegogo's own promotional channels.

6. Set Realistic Funding Goals

Set a funding goal that is both achievable and aligned with the resources required to bring your project to fruition. Take into account fixed and variable costs, average order value, break-even count, and funding requirements to determine an appropriate target. By taking into account all expenses associated with producing your project, offering incentives for donations above the minimum amount, and allowing yourself enough time to complete the project, you can ensure that your campaign is successful and that you are able to raise the funds necessary for creating your project

7. Address Legal and Financial Considerations

Before launching, ensure that your project complies with legal regulations and Indiegogo's guidelines. Consider patents or copyrights if necessary. Additionally, manage financial risks by setting realistic funding goals and maintaining accurate financial records throughout the campaign.

8. Actively Promote Your Campaign

Once your campaign is live, actively engage with your audience and follow through with your promotional and marketing strategies. Regularly update your mailing list, provide reminders, and maintain momentum until your funding

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