Enhancing Convenience and Clarity in Your Crowdfunding Reward Levels

Improved crowdfunding rewards: Enhanced convenience and clarity, making it easier to understand and engage with reward levels.

Tom Wu

July 13, 2023

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are “rewards-based” crowdfunding platforms, meaning creators offer tangible rewards, or products, in exchange for money they’ll use to bring the product to life. What you offer, and at what price, can encourage or detract potential backers. To make sure you do it right,in this installment, we will delve into additional strategies to maximize convenience for potential backers and inspire more pledges while preventing future complications.

Create a Pledge Level Around $25:

Based on site-wide data, the $25 pledge level is the most popular among Kickstarter campaigns. By designing a compelling pledge level around this price point, you can expect significant interest. Additionally, offering multiple pledges under $30, including an ultra-low tier to keep backers informed about updates, ensures that you capture the support of backers who are enthusiastic but may prefer a lower commitment. Don't overlook the opportunity to engage backers who would love to support your project at a more accessible tier, even if your product is relatively higher priced.

Offer Pledge Levels Below "Market Value":

Design pledge levels that provide backers with a discount compared to the expected future price of the item. While some campaigns simply offer the chance to support early without any discount, providing a price incentive encourages more pledges. Make sure to clearly communicate these details on your campaign page, ensuring potential backers understand the discount they will receive by pledging during the campaign.

You can take this a step further with bulk pledge levels. For instance, if your basic pledge level offers a $25-per-item discount, consider offering a higher discount per item for bundled pledge levels, such as $30-per-item discount for two items. This approach motivates backers to pledge early and increases the value perception of higher-tier pledge levels.

Provide Concise and Consistent Pledge Descriptions:

Once you have established your pledge levels, make the pledging process as straightforward as possible for your backers. Ensure that the rewards are consistently described across all pledge levels. For example, if the $25 T-Shirt pledge level description states "1 Orange Carrot T-Shirt," repeat the exact phrase for every pledge level that includes that specific shirt. Consistency eliminates confusion and enhances clarity, enabling backers to easily select their desired rewards.

Offer add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to generate additional money for your campaign. They allow backers to purchase accessories for your product, add additional products to their pledges and more. Using add-ons keeps the reward tiers simplified while still allowing creators the flexibility to offer a variety of products.

Consider your shipping and quantity limit

High shipping costs can significantly discourage potential backers when it comes to receiving rewards. They have the power to make or break a campaign, and it's crucial to acknowledge that nobody likes paying for shipping. If international shipping costs are unreasonably high, it might be worth considering restricting your campaign to domestic shipping only.Another excellent strategy for dealing with high shipping costs is to utilize the PledgeBox survey to charge the shipping fee. PledgeBox offers a lower commission and a user-friendly interface for both you and your backers to easily manage and pay for the fees.

In conclusion, pledge levels that prioritize convenience for backers also benefit you as a campaign creator. By offering appealing rewards, clearly communicating the pledge process, and minimizing complexity from the outset, you can create a positive and streamlined experience for both backers and yourself. By implementing these strategies during the setup phase, you reduce the need for troubleshooting and problem-solving later on. We wish you the best as you embark on an exciting crowdfunding adventure.