5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Creating a Crowdfunding Winning Video

Are you looking into it?

Echy Wong

January 17, 2024

If you have a tight budget for your campaign, you may have been thinking of skipping the video-making. Before you do, consider this little tidbit of information from Kickstarter:

“Projects with videos succeeded at a rate of 50%, and projects without videos succeeded at a rate of 30%.”

So, why not throw together a short video and increase your chances of success by 20%? This post will give you all the advice and tools you need to make a great video on a budget.

1. The Power of Brevity

To capture the hearts of potential backers, one must first grab their attention. In an era of short attention spans, exploiting this characteristic becomes paramount. The average viewer gives a crowdfunding campaign a mere ten seconds before deciding to explore further or move on. Hence, the key is to craft a pitch that is not only impactful but also concise. Our first piece of advice: Keep It Short. Your crowdfunding video should be a carefully curated narrative that gets straight to the point. Avoid the temptation to delve into unnecessary details that may deter viewers. A concise, impactful video that conveys your message in the first few minutes is more likely to engage your audience and keep them invested in your campaign.

2. The Auditory Experience

While visuals play a significant role, audio quality is often the unsung hero of a successful crowdfunding video. Poorly recorded sound can detract from the overall quality of your pitch, diminishing its impact. To avoid this pitfall, invest in a budget-friendly USB microphone, ensuring your voice is clear and resonant. Before diving into the filming process, conduct a thorough test run to identify and rectify any potential audio issues. Take advantage of software like Audacity, which allows you to record and edit audio for free. By prioritizing good audio quality, you elevate the professionalism of your video, making it more appealing to potential backers.

3. Mastering Visuals on a Budget

Visual appeal is a critical component of any successful crowdfunding video. While many have successfully utilized smartphone cameras, it's essential to ensure stable shots. Consider investing in a tripod or alternative stabilization methods to avoid shaky footage, which can detract from the professionalism of your video. For those aiming for a more polished look, explore options beyond smartphone cameras. Borrowing or renting a professional camera can significantly enhance the visual quality of your video. Regardless of the equipment you choose, prioritizing stability is key to creating a visually appealing and engaging crowdfunding pitch.

4. Editing Magic

The raw footage captured during filming is just the beginning. To transform your video into a polished and professional presentation, editing is a must. The choice of editing software depends on your skill level, budget, and the desired level of sophistication for your video. For those on a tight budget, consider the free iMovie app for Apple products. It offers user-friendly features that can help you cut, edit, and enhance your footage. If you're willing to invest a bit more for additional features, AVS Video Editor is a budget-friendly option that provides a range of editing tools.

5. Leveraging the Power of Feedback

You don't need a production team to refine your crowdfunding video; friends and family can provide invaluable feedback. By inviting a small group to witness your filming process, you open the door to constructive criticism that can significantly improve your video. Encourage your friends and family to share their honest opinions, and don't take constructive criticism personally. These fresh perspectives may catch nuances that you and your team might overlook, saving you time and potentially enhancing the overall quality of your crowdfunding pitch.