State of Design & Tech on Kickstarter

LAUNCH STUDIO from Linkedin

Aug.23 2021

Earlier this week Julio Terra(CEO at Launch Studio) hosted a conversation with Heather Swift Hunt from Kickstarter. It was a lot of fun, and very informative.

They explored how product launch campaigns are faring on Kickstarter, and ways that creators can improve their chances of getting featured.

The replay of the event is now available on our YouTube channel.

Go here now to check it out:

After watching it,you will know:

Heather’s role at Kickstarter

How have Design&Tech categories evolved

Performance of categories in 2020

Project trends in 2020

Distrubution of pledges between mobile and desktop

Early 2021 category performance

Importance of repeat backers

Average funding amount attributed to Kickstarter

How does growdfunding platform elevates projects

What types of projects is the outreach team excited about

common pitfall: understanding the importance of pre-launch work

Best practice:distilling the core value prosposition of your product



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